Waking Up With Adam

It occurred to me 

that we all wake up

one morning with Adam

in the Garden of Eden –

that moment when you realize 

things aren’t quite

what you expected.

So many promises

unfulfilled, broken 

mangled bodies,

earthquakes and heartaches,

this myriad of misery

that comes with acceptance

of the human form.

It is our daily choice 

to rise forth from the ashes,

accept the crossbeams

of work and worry,

love and fear,

to go forth and be fruitful,

multiply our happiness

as best we can.

Friends for this journey are key –

the ones you can text

a single swear word

in the dead of night,

and your phone pings

with hearts and (((hugs)))

and you realize that maybe 

– just maybe –

a little piece of Eden

has followed you home.


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