Thoughts on Writing: Using Texts in Your Narrative

I recently finished reading a novel that spent time on the New York Times bestseller list. It was a mystery, so I expected twists and turns in the plot. What I didn’t expect was to identify weakness in the writing.

One flaw was easy enough to spot that I’m surprised that none of the author’s editors picked up on it. Even in written communication, each character should have a distinct voice. This book wove text messages from multiple characters through the narrative. And every one read like it was written by the same person, despite the fact that these texts were supposed to be from people of different ages, genders, and educational backgrounds. Sorry, no. That fails the plausibility test.

Check your mobile phone and open to any text conversations that you are currently having. Do you phrase things in the exact same way as the other person? Probably not. People have distinct texting patterns. Often, we greet one another and sign off using different phrases. We each have our own unique way of abbreviating words. Some of us are sticklers for proper grammar; others use text-speak. Some folks overuse punctuation!!! Others favor certain emojis. 🤣😂 It all boils down to this:

Make sure your written communication is as unique as your dialogue.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Writing: Using Texts in Your Narrative

  1. I enjoyed your reasoning here. Is it plausible, that “fiction” may begin… before the BSL?
    __ My inept view is… that all newly written books are sold/shipped to distributors, prior to actually bring subjected to the measures of public market arenas. Often those books, in bulk, are on the “Best Seller List” before their actual “first day”… on the public market tables; I see then, that that “list”… as an account of volumes sold to the distributors… yet to be sold individually to those that read, and may actually buy those books..
    __ We daily deal with and identify different personalities, and if someone scribes a novel full of different characters, that writer ought be able to paint changeable profile pictures of each character, that would prompt any reader to separate, invent or imagine each of those readable personalities. _m


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