Newly Published in Scryptic: Echoes of the Mind

I am grateful to Lori A Minor and Chase Gagnon, of Scryptic, for publishing this free verse poem of mine in their latest issue. It’s been quite a few years since I wrote it, and I had begun to despair of ever finding it a home. I can’t say it’s a favorite, exactly, because the subject matter is pretty dark. But this poem is dear to my heart.



Painful memories shadow me

like lonesome children, they tag behind

begging me with their winsome smiles,

until I relent and give them shelter

saying, “There, there, it’s all right,”

in soothing tones, I hold them close

and cherish their special feeling

for a time, until I remember

the vague, uneasy discomfort

of fingerprints smudging my soul,

forcing me into the still darkness

of my mind, unable to close ranks

as powerful images replicate like a virus,

a mantra of negation chanted, over and over,

until I can no longer think, no longer hear

myself, shamed into silence.


My Wish for You

For wishes strewn like rags on fire,

For flames that scorch your heart’s desire,

For the evil, wretched, wicked dread,

For the ceaseless pounding in your head,

For every night you could not sleep,

For every tear you dared not weep,

For each cannot, and should not, and hatred you’ve bled,

I wish you hope, and love, and peace instead.